Friley Residence Hall is undergoing construction projects related to bathroom upgrades. Learn about how these projects impact you and other details. We appreciate your patience as we continually strive to upgrade and maintain our facilities.

Friley Lobby Area

The second-floor south entrance (near the Friley Lobby) will be closed to the public. Anyone needing access to the Department of Residence Administrative Services (Contracts & Assignments), Friley Hall Desk, meeting room, IRHA Office, Dining Office and Friley Hall Council room during this time will need to enter the area through the north entrance.

The south breezeway will remain open as will door CS2281.

Public bathrooms in the Friley Lobby will not be available during this time.

Friley Dungeons

There will be work happening in the ceiling of the Friley Dungeons Study Room (CY1420) below the Friley Lobby area. Approximately one-half of the study room will be separated off by a construction barrier. While the rest of the room will remain available for student use, it will have construction noise in the construction area from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays.

For students wanting to access the Friley Dungeons Study Room (“Little Dungeons”), please use the door to the south (near the laundry room) to avoid the construction traffic at the north door.

Friley Lowe Bathroom

For the third floor administrative area (Lowe House), staff will be allowed to traverse through the west hallway (to the left of the plan below) of the construction zone, especially in the need for emergency egress. Please enter and exit this area through CC3510 if possible.

The bathroom in Friley Lowe will be closed during this time. Staff may access the restrooms on the first floor (RA103, RA105).

Friley South Stack House Bathrooms

The Department of Residence began a remodeling project centered around the bathrooms in Friley Hall, impacting Dodds, Murphy, Pennell, and Lorch-Russell houses. The project was to be completed by July 28, 2023. Due to construction delays caused by circumstances outside of our control, we currently do not have a timeline for completion of the bathroom project.