Are you and a friend looking to room together? Maybe you want to be next to your favorite dining center? We can (possibly) help you out! The room change process is simple:

The Fall 2023 Room Change Process is now open. You will be able to view any available room by logging into the Housing Portal. The room change process is simple:

Your request will be reviewed, and you’ll get a confirmation email from with further instructions on how to complete your move. (Note: You should receive an email from the Department of Residence within a few hours. Large number of students in the system may slow down the process).

Once you get an email confirmation from the Department of Residence you can begin moving to your new spot after 12 noon the following day. (Note: If your confirmation email comes after midnight, you cannot move until 12 noon the following day). If you do not receive a confirmation email within one business day, please contact us to confirm your request was submitted properly.

Confirmation emails will also go to your new and current Hall Director alerting them to the move.

Please note that this is an individual process. Roommates will need to search separately. If you and your roommate are looking to move to a different residence hall room together, look for spaces that have two codes under the Room Space Code section for the same room (see example at right). If a roommate group is looking for an apartment together, apartment numbers are the same on each card. They’re in order to make the search easier for you (see example below, FC-3527-A, FC-3527-B, FC-3527-C are for the same apartment, but in different bedrooms).

If you have questions or problems? Contact 515-294-2900 or email