Residence Life Live-In Staff

Meet the Live-In Staff

Name Position Office Phone
Abalu, Somi Hall Director (Eaton) 1106 Eaton Hall 515-294-7439
Alam, MD Desk Supervisor () C1269 Wallace-Wilson Commons 515-294-6872
Baumgardner, Jordan Hall Director (Martin) 2106 Martin 515-294-9051
Beathea, Bralyn Hall Director (Birch-Welch-Roberts) 1206 Roberts Hall 515-294-2738
Bonanno, Tyler Desk Supervisor () 1204A Roberts Hall 515-294-6169
Dworzynski, Casey Hall Director (Wilson) C1265D WW Commons 515-294-7451
Eason, Angel Hall Director (Maple) C2123 MWLCommons 515-294-2290
Ellefson, Monique Hall Director - Upper (Friley) 2416D Friley Hall 515-294-9564
Hauge, Kirsten Hall Director (Buchanan) 2010A Buchanan Hall 515-294-0833
Hemmings, Yasja Friley Hall Desk and UDCC Mailroom Supervisor (Friley) 2416E Friley Hall 515-294-4287
Henke, Kody Hall Director - West (Geoffroy) Geoffroy Hall 515-294-0556
Hubbard, Brady Hall Director (Larch) C2122 MWL Commons 515-294-9272
Johnson, Brandon Apt. Community Manager (Legacy Tower) 119 Stanton Avenue, Suite 201 515-290-8785
Knoespel, Evan Hall Director (Willow) C2124 MWL Commons 515-294-7596
Morales, Sam Desk Supervisor (Barton, Freeman, Birch) 1204A Roberts Hall 515-294-6169
Moroney, Kelly Desk Supervisor (Helser) A293 Helser Hall 515-294-6512
Nation, Kelsey Hall Director (Oak-Elm) 2135B Elm Hall 515-294-1503
Polk, Allie Graduate Assistant (Maricopa) 3906 Maricopa Dr. Unit 102 515-290-3985
Presto, Susan Hall Director - East (Geoffroy) Geoffroy Hall 515-294-0575
Rasmussen, Brittany Hall Director - Lower (Friley) 2416C Friley 515-294-6299
Reynolds, John Apt. Community Manager - South (Frederiksen Court) 1010 FC Community Ctr. 515-294-2137
Ross, Nathan Apt. Community Manager (Maricopa) 3906 Maricopa Dr Unit 102 515-290-7197
Shevat, David Hall Director & Student Success Initiatives GA (Memorial Union)
Simons, Cody Apt. Community Manager - North (Frederiksen Court) 1010 FC Community Ctr. 515-294-1686
Smith, Alycia Hall Director (Helser) A293 Helser Hall 515-294-6512
Stringer, Tyler Hall Desk Supervisor (Maple-Willow-Larch) MWL Hall Desk, MWL Commons
Thuot-Petkovich, Nick Hall Director (Linden) A141 Linden 515-294-0164
Trewartha, Ashley Hall Director (Wallace) C1263C WW Commons 515-294-6803
Winters, Leslie Apt. Community Manager (Schilletter Village, University Village) SUV Community Ctr. 515-294-1221