Staff Duty/On-Call Numbers

Emergency 911

If you are having a medical emergency, have been in an accident, feel you are in imminent danger, or have witnessed a crime, please dial 911 immediately. 

CA on Duty 

For non-life threatening issues of an urgent nature, the Community Adviser (CA) on Duty can be called for assistance. A CA is on duty in each residential area from 6:00 pm - 7:00 am every evening the University is in session. The schedule of which CA is on duty is posted on each CA's door. When CAs are on duty, they are available in their rooms or apartments unless they are on rounds.

The CA on Duty can assist you with....

  • Lost keys, lockouts, and/or broken locks
  • Emergency maintenance issues such as flooding, power outages, broken windows, etc.
  • Addressing policy violations in your community
  • After hours check-in and check-outs
CA Duty/On-Call Numbers
Building (s) Number
Barton-Lyon- Freeman 515-291-1561
Birch-Welch-Roberts 515-291-0572
Buchanan 515-291-1532
Eaton 515-290-5216
Frederiksen Court North (10s, 20s, 30s & 42) 515-290-1652
Frederiksen Court South (41, 43, 50s, 60s, 70s & 80s)515-291-1611
Friley (Lower) 515-291-1271
Friley (Upper) 515-291-1358
Helser 515-291-1583
Larch 515-291-0738
Maple 515-291-0953
Martin 515-291-1531
Schilletter & University Village 515-290-2460
Wallace-Wilson 515-290-9436
Willow 515-291-0873