For 2021-22, our proposed rates are adjusted to a simplified format. This proposal also levels some unique room type rates as well as keeps market in mind. Rates are proposed until they are voted on by the Board of Regents in late spring.

Traditional Style Halls

The following table includes rates in Barton, Lyon, Freeman, Birch, Welch, Roberts, Linden, Oak-Elm, Willow, Larch, Maple, Friley and Helser double and single rooms. Meal plans are required.

Room TypeFY21 RateFY22 Proposed Rate$ Change% Change
Double, No AC$4783$4590– $193– 4.04%
Double, with AC$4847$4950+ $103+ 2.13%
Single, no AC$6218$5490– $728– 11.71%
Single, with AC$6346$5850– $496– 7.82%
Meal plans are required.

Wallace and Wilson

Room TypeFY21 RateFY22 Proposed Rate$ Change% Change
Single$4500$4950$450+ 10%
XL Single (Wallace only)$4815$5175$360+ 7.48%
Meal plans are not required.


The table below includes the suite-style rooms in Maple Hall. Eaton, Martin and Buchanan are buildings that offer all suite-style rooms. “Double” means two people share a bedroom. “Single” means there is one person in the bedroom.

Room TypeFY21 RateFY22 Proposed Rate$ Change% Change
Maple Double Suite$5724$6075+ $351+ 6.13%
Buchanan Double Suite$6190$6075– $115– 1.86%
Martin/Eaton Double Suite$6537$6075– $462– 7.07%
Martin Corner Double$7459$6075– $1384– 18.55%
Martin Lofted Double$8513$6075– $2438– $28.64%
Buchanan Single$7119$6975– $144-2.02%
Martin/Eaton Single$7518$6975– $543– 7.22%
Meal plans are required.

Geoffroy Hall

Room TypeFY21 RateFY22 Proposed Rate$ Change% Change
Double$6344$6075– $269– 4.24%
Meal plans are required.

Frederiksen Court Apartments

In addition to proposed rate changes, Frederiksen Court Apartments have a number of proposed changes for FY22 that can be found here.

Apartment TypeFY21 RateFY22 Proposed Rate$ Change% Change
2 Bedroom Shared$4848$4950+ $102+ 2.01%
4 Bedroom Single$6084$5400– $684– 11.24%
2 Bedroom Private$7434$5850– $1584– 21.31%
2 Bedroom Private – PetN/A$6120N/AN/A
Meal plans are not required.

Schilletter and University Village Apartments

Schilletter Village Apartments are for students with dependents/family housing. The rate listed is paid by the contracted resident, an ISU Student.

In the University Village Apartments’ two-bedroom options, students are on single contracts and pay HALF of the rate listed below unless they opt to have the apartment to themselves. This means a typical UV two-bedroom townhouse would be $3015 for each person.

Rates are proposed to go up approximately 3%. In fall 2020, SUV residents were surveyed about their internet services. They shared they would like improved service and what they are willing to pay for that service. This increase is reflective of that feedback.

Apartment TypeFY21 RateFY22 Proposed Rate$ Change% Change
SV 2 Bedroom$5933$6120+ $187+ 3.15%
SV 2 Bedroom Pet$6204$6390+ $186+ 3.00%
UV 1 Bedroom$5124$5265+ $141+ 2.75%
UV 1 Level, 2 Bedroom$5503$5670+ $167+ 3.03%
Townhouse (2 Bedroom)$5854$6030+ $176+ 3.01%
Townhouse Pet (2 Bedroom)$6204$6390+ $186+ 3.00%
Meal plans are not required.

Note: Rates are shown for buildings that are proposed to be closed. If the buildings are available for the 2021-22 academic year, the proposed rates above would be used, pending Board of Regents’ approval and feedback from this process.