Student organizations wishing to solicit in the halls or apartment communities must be registered with, and have the prior approval of, the Student Activities Office and the DOR Residence Life Office.

All non-student organizations, agencies, businesses, and individuals must receive prior permission from the Student Activities Office and the Residence Life Office and only in
non-student room/apartment areas of the halls and apartment communities.

When conducting such activities, individual(s) or group(s) may not impede traffic through the area or approach students in dining service lines. Individual(s) or group(s) will not be permitted to campaign door-to- door, nor will they be permitted to use the residence hall mailboxes for campaign literature (unless individually addressed).

Through registration with the appropriate offices, the sponsoring organization agrees to abide by the established procedures of the building or neighborhood. Members should
have a copy of the approval form with them at all times.

Organization members not adhering to the guidelines will be asked to leave the area immediately.

If a House extends an invitation to a candidate, or any other individual, that person may visit the House to which they were invited and no other house.