The DOR provides lofted beds in all residence hall rooms and the majority of Frederiksen Court apartments.

You may maintain your bed as lofted or you can, on your own, unloft or bunk your bed.

  • Your bed must be returned to its’ lofted state at the time you check-out.

You are required to sign a waiver of liability agreement at the time you check-in.

You are not permitted to substitute your own personal loft.

If you live in a Frederiksen Court apartment where a captain’s bed is provided, lofted beds are not available, and you are not permitted to substitute your own personal loft.

If you choose to keep your bed lofted or to bunk your bed, you must follow these minimum standards.

  • All parts of the bed and mattress, not including the side rail, must be 24 inches from any smoke detector or sprinkler head.
  • The loft/bunk must be freestanding and not attached to any wall, ceiling, or furniture.
  • You must use a DOR provided ladder – either installed as part of the bed end or freestanding –to access your loft/top bunk. Other furniture may not be used for this purpose.
  • You must use a DOR provided side rail designed to prevent you from rolling out of the bed. The top of the side rail must be 5 inches above the top of the mattress;
  • You are not permitted to position your bed in a way that:
    • restricts exit from any portion of the room or provides less than 22 inches of space for exiting;
    • prevents the room door from opening fully or obstructs windows; or
    • creates a safety hazard to persons walking around the room.