Residential Learning Communities

Students in a residential learning community.

Business Learning Teams (BLTs)

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BLTs are open to all entering freshman pre-business students .
A BLT is a group of business students who take the same sections of several courses during fall semester and reside near one another on campus. The intent of BLTs is to help make the transition to ISU a bit easier, and help business students make connections with one another early in their college careers.

Courses that BLT students share are general course requirements for College of Business students, and could include Micro Economics, Financial Accounting, English Composition, Math, Computer Applications, Psychology, or Sociology. Each BLT also takes a business orientation class together, which is taught by the team's academic advisor in the College of Business.

An upper-class peer mentor works with each BLT as well, organizing outside-of-class activities and serving as a resource to the team members. Monthly BLT group sessions are also held, with speakers on topics ranging from faculty expectations to academic support and registration issues. Students are asked to participate fully in both the peer mentors' and group BLT activities.
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