Residential Learning Communities

Students in a residential learning community.

Women in Science and Engineering Transfer Learning Community (WiSE-Trans)

WiSE transfer is available for any transfer student who is majoring in a science or math discipline. How do I sign up? Simply go to and follow the “WiSE Transfer Learning Community” link and download the application. Be sure to fill out your online Department of Residence contract on AccessPlus.
WiSE Transfer LC is a small group of students who share some common courses and live together in Frederiksen Court. This living area gives you more independence than the traditional residence halls, but is still convenient, academically supportive, and fun. As a WiSE Transfer LC member, you’ll meet regularly with peer mentors (upper-division students) to discuss your coursework and adjustment to Iowa State University. Students will have the option of either the two or four bedroom apartments in Frederiksen Court.

Why should I join the WiSE-Transfer LC?
• Make the big campus smaller for a fast, smooth, and easy transition to Iowa State
• Get to know people and make friends in your major right away
• Develop a supportive network with other students, peer mentors, and professors
• Connect your learning in multiple classes
• Learn about the possibilities in your major

What are the advantages of living in Frederiksen Court?
• More independence and space
• Washer and dryers in every apartment
• Fully furnished
• A convenient food court
• Utilities included
• No deposits
• Close to campus
Check it out on-line at
Carly Miller

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