Fall Move-In Information

With over 11,000 students living on-campus, everyone can't all move in at once! Move-in day can be emotional and hectic, but patience, kindness, and flexibility are the keys to making it a success! Here's how the process works and what you should expect.

1. Review your assignment in AccessPlus.

2. Verify when your move-in begins below.

  • Your move-in begin date is based on where you live and whether you're a new or returning ISU student.
  • The listed dates are when your move-in BEGINS.
    • Move-in continues through the first day of classes, so come later if that's more convenient!
  • Move-in won't start earlier than the times indicated, so no need to try and "beat the rush".
  • For move in outside of the below dates and times, please review our Early / Late Arrivals information.
WhoBegin DateTimeLocation
All Frederiksen Court apartment residents
Sat., Aug. 17
9 am - 8 pm
FC Community Center
All Schilletter-University Village apartment residentsSat., Aug. 179 am - 5 pmSUV Community Center
New ISU students in EVEN # residence hall roomsTue., Aug. 208 am - 6 pmThe flagged location
New ISU students in ODD # residence hall rooms
Wed., Aug. 21
8 am - 6 pm
The flagged location
All Returning residence hall residentsThurs., Aug. 228 am - 9 pmYour Hall Desk

If you know you will get here after hours, please e-mail housing@iastate.edu so that we are prepared for your arrival. You can also contact the CA on Call once you arrive. 

3. Get here and park

  • Once you get to Ames, don't follow your GPS! The most efficient routes for move-in are marked with orange / red signs.
    • Prepare to be patient. Traffic can be heavy at certain times (first thing in the morning / around lunchtime), but the system works smoothly if everyone cooperates.
  • New students in the halls, your move-in parking pass will be mailed to you in July. When you get to your building, staff will ask for your pass, fill it out, and direct you to 30-minute parking for unloading.
    • Didn't get your pass? Lost it? Coming a different day? Don't worry, we'll have extras when you get here!
  • Returning residence hall residents, when you get here, find a parking spot near your building, check-in, unload, and then move your vehicle to the stadium lot.
  • Apartment residents, when you get here, find a parking spot near your building, check-in, unload, and then move your vehicle to a space away from the buildings so others can also move in.

4. Check-in and get your keys

  • Go to the location listed above. Have your photo ID ready.
    • New students in the halls, look for the tall, red, "Welcome" flags near your building.
  • Staff will verify your assignment, issue your keys, and provide you information about your community.
  • Family / helpers should stay with the vehicle and start unloading items, setting them outside the vehicle.

5. Unload and move-In

  • Get everything into the apartment before unpacking and deciding where it should go.
    • Move Crew will be available Aug. 14 and 15 from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. They will help you carry everything to your room and they're amazingly fast!
  • When you get your keys, you will also receive a Room / Apartment Inventory and Condition Form. Please take the time to do a thorough inspection. 
    • Find something that needs fixed? Note it on your form and submit a Service Request.
    • Return the form per the instructions and deadline indicated on the form.

8. Get comfortable