Contract Cancellations

Your contract for on-campus housing is a LEGALLY BINDING document. It is your responsibility to read and understand what you are agreeing to BEFORE you submit your contract.

No one is required to live on-campus, so we go to great lengths to inform you of the cancellation deadlines and penalties before you submit your contract. This information is available:

  • In the On-Campus Housing Terms and Conditions in the Forms and Documents section of this web site.
  • During the contracting process - you must agree to the cancellation penalty / deadline before completing the contract.
  • In the Contract Confirmation email you receive after submitting a contract in AccessPlus.

Information regarding the cancellation policy is also included in a variety of letters, postcards, emails, posters, bulletin boards, newsletters, table tents etc. published and distributed by the DOR throughout the course of the year.

How Do I Cancel My Contract?

If after reading the information on this page and in the On-Campus Housing Terms and Conditions you still wish to cancel your contract, you may do so according to these instructions.  

What Are The Cancellation Deadlines?

Residents who cancel their contract on or before the following dates may do so without penalty. CANCELLATION AFTER THESE DATES WILL RESULT IN CANCELLATION PENALTIES.

  • For residents with a contract for the full academic year, including students on waiver for the fall portion of the contract, the cancellation deadline is:
    • March 1 for Continuing ISU Students
    • May 1 for New Students
  • For residents with a contract beginning the spring semester, the cancellation deadline is November 1.
  • Residents who submit a contract after the associated cancellation deadline has passed will have two weeks (fourteen days) following the receipt date of their contract to cancel without penalty.

What Are The Cancellation Penalties?

Residents who cancel their contract after the Cancellation Deadlines will incur the following penalties:

  • 50% Housing Penalty - You will be charged 50% of the remaining value of your housing contract for both fall and spring. If you are not yet assigned, you will be charged 50% of the value of a Wallace-Wilson double room.
  • 80% Dining Penalty - You will be charged 80% of the remaining value of your dining contract for both fall and spring. There is no refund for unused Dining Dollar$ and un-issued Dining Dollar$ will be issued and billed at face value. If you are in a meal plan required area and have not yet selected a plan, you will be charged 80% of the value of the Gold Plan.
  • Forfeiture of Prepayment - If you paid the $125 prepayment it will be forfeited.
  • If you have already moved in, in addition to the housing and dining penalties and forfeiture of the prepayment, you will also be charged room and board until you have officially moved-out.

Are There Any Exceptions?

In the situations listed below, the cancellation penalty may be waived / reduced. Please Note: For  items marked * documentation is required and must be verified / approved before your penalty is waived / reduced. For specific requirements and details, please review the On-Campus Housing Terms and Conditions (available in Forms and Documents):

  • Academic Dismissal, Transfer or Withdrawal
  • Graduation in December *

Students cancelling for reasons other than those issued above should visit

Apartment Contract Assumptions - Frederiksen Court, Legacy, Maricopa/Walton and SUV Only.

Apartment residents who wish to cancel their contract and remain enrolled may avoid the penalty by finding an eligible, non-contracted student to assume their contracts. More information can be found at