Go for the "A!"

It’s beneficial if students attend all course sessions, yet, 43% of first- year first time Cyclones will miss at least one class this semester while 37% will struggle in at least two courses. Most student who face initial challenges eventually manage to improve their grades if they follow a few success steps: 

  1. Go to class. Yes, go to class and come to class prepared. You hinder your chance for academic success if you’re continually missing class. 
  2. Talk to your instructors during their office hours. Ask them about content and assignments that you have questions about. 
  3. Discuss your situation with your instructor if you miss several class sessions, if you miss an exam or oral presentation, or if you are unable to turn in class assignments on time. 
  4. Find a study buddy in each class. Contact them to get an update on the session you missed.
  5. Don’t give up. Meet with your academic adviser. If you live on-campus, reach out to your community adviser who can help you get connected to study groups. Hire a tutor. Get organized and develop your time-management skills. A low test score doesn't mean the end of your academic career, it's probably a sign that you need to make adjustments.
  6. Stay the course! Get up and go to your classes, get yourself organized, establish a study routine and stick with it, but most importantly, take ownership over your time and enjoy it as a Cyclone.