The third week of the fall semester, new students will have the opportunity to take a 20-minute assessment called Mapworks. The assessment shows you where you're doing well and where you may need to improve based on the goals you have for yourself at Iowa State.  The assessment then connects you with campus resources to help you! 

Mapworks 2018 launches on Sept. 5 and can be taken on AccessPlus and will be available until Oct 5.

To take Mapworks: Go to “Access Plus” select the ”Student” tab and select “Mapworks”



If 85% of your house takes Mapworks, your house gets a pizza party!

Plus, everyone who takes Mapworks is entered to win FREE ROOM AND BOARD FOR A YEAR! 

So, take Mapworks! It helps put you on a path to success and you could win prizes - what do you have to lose?

The Department of Residence has been utilizing Mapworks to help students for 10+ years. This assessment has shown us some common areas students may struggle with in their first semester. 

Here are some tips to help you if you're struggling with any of the following topics:


Your Hall Director, Apartment Community Manager and Community Adviser are also all resources in your hall or apartment that can help you!