All residence halls, Frederiksen Court, and Legacy, have hours where building exterior doors are locked. During these times, residents may only enter using the card access or key fob issue to them.

Your keys and ISUCard are issued to you for your use only. You may not give these items to others and keys may not be duplicated. Additionally, to keep you, your roommates, and your belongings safe, always lock your door – even if you are only leaving for a short time. You should always have your keys and ISUCard with you when you leave your room.

Card Access - All residence halls and Frederiksen Court apartments use an electronic card access system. Once you have properly checked-in, your ISUCard will be updated with access for your assignment.

When buildings are locked, follow these steps to use your Access Card to enter your assigned building:
  1. Take your access card OUT of your wallet, purse, bag, etc.
  2. If you keep your card in a RFID-blocking sleeve, take your card OUT of the sleeve.
  3. Lightly “tap” your access card on the card reader panel.
  4. The card reader will beep, the light will turn green, and the door will unlock. The door handle may not turn, but the door should pull open.

If the door won’t open, please wait 5 seconds before you or anyone else try to use the card reader again. After three tries, if your card does not work, call the posted phone number and a staff member will let you in.

Lost / Damaged Keys, Access Cards, and Fobs

If you damage or misplace your keys/fob/access card, notify your CA or Hall desk/apartment community office immediately.

You may use A+ to deactivate your access card at any time. To obtain a new access card, you must visit the ISUCard office, located in Beardshear Hall, for a replacement.

You may visit your Hall desk/apartment community office at any time to request a lock change. Depending on the circumstances, if you request a lock change when the maintenance staff is not working there will be overtime charges in addition to the lock and key charges.


In the Halls, residents locked out of their rooms can contact a CA for their building or visit the Hall desk to receive a loaner key.

In Frederiksen, Legacy, and SUV, during regular office hours, residents locked out of their building, apartment or bedroom may visit their apartment community office for assistance. There are no charges for lock outs occurring during office hours. When the office is closed residents may contact the CA on call for assistance. In Frederiksen, residents are permitted one (1) free after-hours lockout during a contract period. After the first lockout, there is a $25 charge for all after-hours building, apartment or bedroom lockouts.

All loaner keys must be returned within seven days or a lock change will be ordered.