A dedicated group of ISU students, faculty, and staff come together each August to welcome students and move them into their rooms. Move in Crew Members:

  • Welcome students and families
  • Carry boxes and furniture
  • Answer questions
  • Open doors
  • Provide directions

When you get to campus, look for the Move In Crew in their bright yellow shirts!

Move In Crew is available from 8:00 AM-5:00 PM on the Tuesday and Wednesday of new student move in. Check out the fall move in schedule for dates.

Join the Crew!

Glowing Reviews for the Move-in Crew!

"I just want to thank you for providing the Move-In Crew. My oldest daughter moved into Friley two years ago and the Move-In Crew that year was awesome and we had everything in her room in less than ten minutes. I moved my youngest into Friley this past Tuesday and the Move-In Crew was even more helpful. I didn't ever even get a box onto the sidewalk. There were plenty of people that each carried one or two things. They were so helpful, respectful, and curtious. The only time anyone was just sitting around was when there wasn't anyone that needed their help… the Friley Move-In Crew was absolutely amazing and I'm so thankful you offer this service as my husband wasn't able to assist us this time around and I wouldn't have been able to get it all done without them."

“Just wanted to tell you that the Move In Crew we had yesterday was GREAT!!!! Have made many moves with many kids and this one was by far the easiest!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!!!!!"
"Yesterday I moved my son (an incoming freshman) into Maple Hall, and I couldn't believe how smoothly it went. Everyone -- the parking staff, the elevator operators, the [CA] -- was so friendly and helpful. A process that I thought would take a couple of stress-filled hours took only about 40 minutes and was very stress-free, thanks to how efficient and helpful your staff were. My impression of Iowa State University, which was already high (since it’s my alma mater!) has only increased."
"I had to write and tell you how wonderful the move-in crew was. I was amazed that we were able to get all of my son's stuff up to his room at one time with the move-in helpers! They were all so polite and never complained about carrying anything. We passed many workers in the halls throughout the day, and they were always so polite and helpful. What a great service to provide to the ISU students. Great job!"
“I moved my freshman son into Friley Hall yesterday and must commend whoever administers move in day. We left home at 5 AM in order to arrive around 8. The rain pelted on us through most of the ride, causing even more tension than I already felt. I had experienced move in day years ago with our oldest child at another unnamed major university. That experience caused me to dread this day for weeks. Yet, from the moment of arrival on campus:

  • signs guided us to our destination,
  • information booths were easily accessed,
  • the people checking passes and directing unloading were in good cheer despite the weather, and
  • the move in crews were hard working and helpful.

We were unloaded within 15 minutes. I really appreciate the smooth move in process. What a great first impression ISU.”
"This was the easiest and most organized experience I have ever had with a college move in day. I took the entire day off of work thinking it would take that long…we pulled into the parking lot at 8:15am and had him unloaded by 8:30. Before we even got out of the vehicle we had about 10 students in cool red shirts to help us unload the car. They were polite and very helpful. I carried one item up the stairs……it was great---and I know my parents (the student's grandparents) were so grateful they didn't have to carry anything up 4 flights of stairs!!! Another thing that we really thought was nice was the administrative people walking around with candy and cookies…..they stopped and spoke with us for several minutes. So thank you…to ISU and your volunteers that made this process stress-free and actually really fun."