So much more
than a floor.

House Details

Floor # 2
Capacity 55
Room Types Double
Gender Female
Average Ceiling Height 9′
Average Window Size 4′ x 5′
A/C Yes
Furnishings Lofted bed; desk with bookshelf and desk chair; wardrobe with drawers and hanging space; waste basket; recycle bin; mirror; towel bar; blinds.
More Details Hoyt House has a den that has tables and chairs for studying, playing game or a quiet place to stretch out and relax. Each house has two bathrooms. Sinks are in one area with fully-enclosed toilet rooms and fully-enclosed individual shower rooms that have a place for changing. A water bottle refill station promotes the Department of Residence’s green initiatives.

House History

Named for Elizabeth Hoyt a member of the Iowa State faculty for 55 years. She also held a research position with the National Industrial Conference Board, where she compiled a cost of living index in 1915, which later developed into the present Consumer Price Index. Her career was best known for a lifetime of devotion to humanitarian economics. Her teaching was a pioneering effort in the new field of consumer economics. Her research on levels and standards-of-living benefited people of many cultures in Africa, Central America and the United States. Hoyt created the Elizabeth E. Hoyt Fellowship Fund at Iowa State University, one of the largest gifts from a faculty member. The gift was designated for funding international work of Iowa State University and particularly to help needy students from foreign countries study here.