So much more
than a floor.

House Details

Floor # 3
Capacity 54
Room Types Single, Double
Gender Male
Average Ceiling Height Between 8’2” and 8’8”
Average Window Size Small: 22.5″ x 52″, Large: 45.5″ x 52″, X-Large: 70″ x 52″
A/C Yes
Furnishings Lofted bed; desk with bookshelf and desk chair; wardrobe with drawers; waste basket; recycle bin; mirror; towel bar; blinds.
More Details Kimball has a den that has tables and chairs for studying, playing game or a quiet place to stretch out and relax. The community bathroom has individual shower stalls with a changing area. A water bottle refill station promotes the Department of Residence’s green initiatives.

House History

Named for Allan Kimball (1888-1946). Kimball joined the Iowa State staff in 1914 and became professor and head of architectural engineering in 1915 and until 1946. The modern campus owes much of its arrangement to the expert planning and designing of Professor Kimball. He helped plan many campus buildings.