So much more
than a floor.

House Details

Floor # 4
Capacity 57
Room Types Single
Gender Co-Ed
Furnishings Lofted bed; desk with bookshelf and desk chair; wardrobe with drawers; waste basket; recycle bin; mirror; towel bar; blinds.

House History

Named for Paul Errington (1902-1962).  Errington was both a scientific and literary interpreter of the natural world. After receiving a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin in 1932 Errington was a research professor in zoology at Iowa State University for the rest of his career. He published extensively on the wildlife management of muskrats, minks, bobwhite quail and great horned owls. His popular scientific work Of Predation and Life transformed the way scientists understood the “balance of nature.” Errington was advocate for protecting wilderness, wetlands, and all their inhabitants. He was named one of 10 outstanding naturalists by Life magazine.