Let us help you and all your friends live together in on-campus housing next year!

What is the Large Group process? The Large Group process is designed to help groups of current on-campus residents live together in on-campus housing for next year. Maybe your entire house wants to move somewhere new together or maybe you all want to stay on your current house, just in different rooms. Your group could be based on common educational or extracurricular interests, organization or club memberships, friendships, or whatever else brings you together.

Who can be part of a Large Group? A large group is generally defined as six or more people and almost any Current or New 2021-22 ISU student can be part of a Large Group. In all cases, the following guidelines apply:

  • All group members must have submitted a 2021-22 Housing Contract in AccessPlus.
  • All group members must be eligible for the same type of housing.
  • Group members may be of any gender, but it is not possible for mixed gender groups to live together in all locations.

Where can Large Groups move to? Your group can select an assignment anywhere on campus. Keep in mind that, while no area of campus is restricted to Large Groups, due to spaces held for Learning Communities and the assignments of other students, there may be some areas of campus where your cannot be accommodated.

How does the Large Group process work?

  1. First, identify a member of your group who will act as the Group Leader. This is the main point of contact for all of your paperwork and the person we will work with if we have any questions.
  2. Have all members of your group fill out their personal information on the back of this Large Group Assignment Application.
    1. If any of the members of your group are away from campus (ex. study abroad, student teaching, etc.), the Group Leader should fill out as much of that person’s information as possible
    2. The person who is away should form a roommate group with another member of the Large Group – preferably the one they will be roommates with.
  3. As a group, discuss, agree on, and fill out the preference section below.
    1. If you are not comfortable with any of the preferences listed on the application – speak up! Putting your information and signature on the form, give the Group Leader permission to change your 2021-21 assignment to any of the options within the listed preferences.
  4. Beginning at 8:00 am on Wednesday, February 10, 2021, the Group Leader should bring the completed Large Group Assignment Application to 2419 Friley Hall.

The staff in 2419 Friley will review the form and work with the Group Leader to make assignments for the group. Once your assignment is updated, it will appear immediately in StarRez.