Community, convenience, leadership opportunities – all the advantages of a residence hall but with your own room! That’s what a “double as single” means.

What is a Double-as-Single (DAS)? It’s a standard double room in the residence halls where you’re guaranteed not to have a roommate for the entire year.

Furniture: Two sets of furniture will stay in the room.

Cost: You will pay $1500 more per academic year than the double rate of the building you choose to live in. Rates can be found here.

Buildings Available: Double as singles are available in all residence halls with the exception of Buchanan, Eaton, Martin and Friley.

How do I get a DAS? Come to 2419 Friley Hall beginning Feb. 10, 2021, to fill out and submit a 2021-22 Double As Single Room Agreement form.

What if I just want a regular single room?  There are some single rooms available in our halls. These would be smaller, designed singles where one set of furniture fits appropriately.

Buchanan Hall has single-room suites. This is where one person is in a bedroom. The bedroom has a sink. Then, there is a toilet/shower room connecting to another single-bedroom space. So, you’d share the suite with another person.

There are also single bedrooms available in four-bedroom and two-bedroom, two-person apartments in Frederiksen Court as well as in two-bedroom apartments in University Village.

You can select any of these spaces in our Housing Portal during room renewal.