Closing buildings and re-opening them when they’re needed again is a strategy that’s been used many times in the past to adjust for a fluctuating student population.

Current projections show approximately 3,000 vacancies for fall 2021. If the vacancies are spread throughout all buildings and all buildings remain open, there will be a budget shortfall of over $2 million.

By closing buildings that aren’t needed, the financial health of the overall operation can be maintained so students can continue to be served well.

The following buildings are under consideration for a one-year closure.

BuildingBed SpacesSavings Realized by Closure
Wallace Hall544$634,236
Wilson Hall544$641,580
Oak-Elm Hall432$758,312
Linden Hall312$514,057

Total savings: $2,548,185

If occupancy goes up for fall 2021, buildings would be brought back online and be in use for next year to ensure everyone has a place to live. Buildings would be re-opened if demand exceeds planned capacity. Student preferences would drive which building(s) would re-open.

Serving Students

No current students are impacted by taking Linden and Oak-Elm offline because they are both currently being used for isolation/quarantine COVID-19 housing.

Current students in Wallace and Wilson who want to return to campus next year would have priority in selecting their space and be able to choose any open location on campus. Their options would range in price with some areas being more expensive and some being significantly cheaper than the current rate of Wallace and Wilson.

Maintaining Staff

All current staff in Wallace and Wilson will be absorbed into other areas. No one will lose their job. This is due to frequent turnover in the impacted positions.

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