An open Dialogue

Department Diversity Conversations (D2C) is a monthly opportunity for professional staff, in the Department of Residence; to participate in an open dialogue around social justice, diversity, and inclusion. Conversations around relevant and important diversity topics help prepare professionals to approach their work in an inclusive manner. These conversations can serve as skill development to have difficult conversations with both students and staff.

The learning outcomes are achieved through a combination of pre-selected topics, open discussions, and visual media. The committee selects topics to promote all members of the department to feel comfortable participating and feel like they can contribute to the conversation, regardless of position, experiences, and previous knowledge.

Diversity and global awareness are important competencies for housing and residence life professionals. This is one of the competencies set forth by the ACUHO-I National Housing Training Institute. The format of the series will allow current issues discussed and shared with staff members, which will help our staff maintain awareness of current events and how those events affect students and peers. The following learning outcomes have been identified for the D2C monthly series.

Learning Outcomes

Based on the Student Affairs Strategic Themes, NHTI competencies, and Learning Outcomes, the following learning outcomes will be achieved:

  • Staff will be able to explain their ideas, perspective, and thoughts on a topic during the conversation.
  • Staff will be able to compare multiple perspectives, evidence, and frames of reference that inform knowledge claims.
  • Staff will be able to recognize how their actions are influenced by social systems.
  • Staff will be able to relate the topic to their work at the University.