It's more than a room!

Your room is part of a house with an immediately available network of ISU students. It's easy to find somebody who's looking to get dinner, form an intramural team, watch a movie, go to a Cyclone football game, catch a show in the M-Shop, or help you study for that chem test.

You will also have a Community Advisor (CA) living on your floor who is there to help answer questions, plan activities and create a welcoming community. You will also have a Hall Director, a live-in, full-time, professional staff member who is there to create an environment that contributes to your academic and personal success.

Plus, you're living on-campus so you're connected to what's happening on-campus and you're close to class, campus events, Campustown and your friends!

Frequently Asked Assignment Questions

How are assignments made? How your assignment is determined depends upon your student status. Please refer to the following web pages for detailed information

  • New Admit - newly admitted freshmen, transfer or graduate students
    • If you have not yet graduated high school, you will be considered a new student even if you have earned college credits.
  • Returning Resident - a returning resident is a student who currently lives on-campus and will live on campus again the following year. Returners, select their own assignments during Recontracting.

What if I have special needs for housing? If you have a medical issue that requires special housing accommodation, please review the information provided in our Housing Accommodation Requests section.