The facts
are clear.

Our research team spends time listening, learning and assessing everything we do! It’s how we know we’re making a difference in your Iowa State journey.

Staying at and Graduating from Iowa State

It seems obvious that you’d want to stay here, get a degree and make some friends along the way. So, we put that to the test – and passed. First-year students who live on campus report better adjusting to college both socially and academically than students who live off campus. First-year students who live on campus also have a 34% higher retention rate (meaning they stay at Iowa State) than students who live off campus.

Faster Graduation

College is fun – no doubt there! But, you’re also paying to be here and have goals of starting your career after college. Students who live on campus have 38% higher four-year graduation rates when compared to students who don’t live on campus.  Life on Campus investment in your future worth making!

Higher GPA

Earning a higher GPA? That’s never a bad thing! Students who live on campus have 5% higher GPAs compared to students who don’t.

Living life well

More sleep, less stress, better time management – those are all things students living on campus experience. Furthermore, they’re 53% less likely to engage in high-risk drinking. Staying well and keeping your college career on course starts on campus.


Just how many people do live on campus? We track that, too. In fact, you can look all the way back to the early 1970s and see how many people have called this their Cyclone Home. Find the data here.