If you live in a residence hall and want to move to an apartment—check out what Frederiksen Court  has to offer!

Frederiksen Court Apartments are fully-furnished (including a washer and dryer). You can hang out in the living room, cook meals in the full kitchen and then head to your room to study. We offer two-person, two-bedroom apartments; four-person two-bedroom apartments and four-person, four-bedroom apartments.

You can live in Freddy whether you’re solo, a group of two, three or four—you’re always on an individual contract. Our individual leases are designed around the academic year and they’re flexible. We will let you out of your contract if you are graduating early, studying abroad or working out of town on an internship—no need to find a subleaser.

Want to bring a pet? Perfect! Choose a pet-friendly apartment option. These are two-bedroom, two-person units in the 70s cluster.

With our apartments there’s no deposit or co-signer needed, all utilities are included and there’s plenty of parking! Frederiksen Court Apartments are a great place to call home!

If you have any questions reach out to our Contracts and Assignments team through email or call them at 515-294-2900.