Residence Hall Community Adviser


CA Job Description

The DOR is committed to the development of living/learning communities which foster intellectual and personal growth. We want students to be aware of campus resources, utilize effective learning strategies and engage in activities designed to stimulate academic achievement and social development. Please see the full job description and compensation information here: 

Minimum Qualifications and Position Requirements

  • Completing One FULL semester of community living experience at the time of application.
  • Established ISU or transfer GPA at the time of application (first year students, approximate first semester grades).
    • Must have a 2.50 cumulative GPA or higher for consideration.
    • Must maintain a 2.50 cumulative GPA and achieve a semester GPA no lower than 1.75 while in the CA position.
  • Students with current judicial standing of Conduct Probation, Deferred Suspension or who have been removed from the residence halls are not eligible to hold staff positions.

Graduate students may apply. Domestic students who have a 20 hour per week, or less, assistantship, are eligible for employment as a Community Adviser. Those with an assistantship above 20 hours will not be eligible. International students are limited to an assistantship of no more than 10 hours per week to be eligible for employment as a Community Adviser. Those with an assistantship above 10 hours will not be eligible. 

In order to be offered an interview, you must also either attend a in-person information session or utilize the online information sessionIf you are abroad or away this semester, or if you are unable to use the attend one of the sessions, and you cannot use the online information session please email to make alternative arrangements. 

Application Requirements

Complete applications will consist of the following online components: 

  • Personal information section
  • Submit a resume (two page maximum; pdf file)
  • Submit a Cover Letter (two page maximum; pdf file)
  • Provide responses to two essays (two page max each; four pages total; pdf)
  • Combine all documents (resume + cover letter + essays in ONE PDF document; max 8 pages)
  • Contact information for two references. One should be from your current CA (preferred), other Department of Residence (DoR) staff member, or someone not affiliated with the DoR who can speak to your ability to fulfill the duties of the CA position. The other reference should be from a former or current employer, adviser, faculty member, group leader, etc. 
    • An email will be sent to each of your listed references with the recommendation request when you submit your application. Please do not have references send letters to us. They should complete the form that is emailed to them after you submit your application. 


Applications are due Wednesday, November 29, 2017 by 11:59 pm.

Thank you again for your interest and Good Luck


If you have any questions about the Residence Hall Community Adviser position, please email


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