Iowa State University West

Iowa State West is a leased apartment community serving the needs of our students through the 2017-18 academic year. Apartments are fully furnished and have student-friendly contracts.

Current Residents: Living Options for Next Year

Iowa State West served the needs of our students while new buildings were being constructed. Now that those buildings are complete and in full operation, we will not lease Iowa State West for the 2018-19 academic year. Current residents will have a priority date to choose among available space in our other apartment communities and residence halls. Our selection process begins in January and you can choose the exact room or apartment you want! More information about living options for 2018-19 will be sent to current residents in December. If you have questions about where to live next year, please contact your CA, or call 515-294-2900. 

View a map of the Iowa State West community.

No pets, other than fish, in any Iowa State West apartment.

Assignments for Iowa State University West are made through the standard DOR contracting and assignment processes.

Apartment Types and Furnishings

Please click the links below to view one of our many floor plans.

Buildings: 3906, 3910, 3914,
3920, 4008, 4020, 4100, 4110,
4120, 4130, and 4200
Mayfield 12 Unit
Buildings: 1406 and 1416
Walton 12 Unit
Buildings: 1216, 1220,
1224, 1308, 1312, 1318,
1332, 1338, and 1344
Walton 2 bedroom (2 styles)

All apartments are single gender and all bedrooms are singles (for one person). Every apartment comes fully furnished with the following:

  • Living Room: Three-east sofa. arm chair and end table
  • Kitchen: Stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, dining table & chairs, and microwave.
  • Bedroom: Loftable bed, mattress (extra-long twin), dresser, desk  & chair, and file caddy. 
  • Laundry: In-unit laundry is provided in all apartments.



This area is staffed with an Apartment Community Manager and a Graduate Apartment Community Manager who live and on site. There is a staff of Community Advisers that works create a positive and vibrant community.

Rent and Utilities

Rent is conveniently charged to your Ubill at the beginning of each semester.  All utilities (electricity, gas, water, garbage, cable and internet) are included in your rent. Please note: If you move in to a Iowa State University West apartment outside of the Fall and Spring move-in dates, it may take up a full business day to gain internet access


Parking - Free parking is located in the lots near the apartment buildings. 

Garages - Garages are available for $60 a month in the Maricopa and Walton areas only. If you would like a garage, please contact Jensen Property Management for rates and availability, 515-233-2752.

MaintenanceFor non-furniture maintenance requests, please submit a maintenance request on the Jensen Property Management website:  For after hours service, please call 515-290-3405. For furniture related maintenance issues, please call the DOR Service Center at 515-294-3322 during normal business hours to submit a request.

Community Center

Residents looking for a place to study or have a meeting can make use of the Iowa State University West Community Center located at 3906 Maricopa Dr. #102. Below are photos of the space. All furniture is mobile and can be moved to fit the needs of your gathering. Plus there is a full kitchen if your meeting includes food! If you are interested in viewing the community center space you can stop by during office hours or schedule an appointment by calling 515-290-5071.