Count Day Data - This report provides a count of the on-campus population by gender, academic classification, race/ethnicity, citizenship, and age. All information provided is based on official University count day data (10th day of classes).

    The Comprehensive Report (formerly Annual Report) -  Comprehensive Report is a joint report from DOR and ISU Dining that is submitted to the Board of Regents each September. The report is intended to provide the BOR with a summary of the budget and facility changes/updates that ocurred during the previous year. This report also provides the BOR with current occupancy and meal plan participation information, the distribution of room types and rates, and rate comparisions among ISU's 10 peer institutions. FY means fiscal year. The fiscal, or budgetary, year begins July 1 and ends June 30. So, for example, the FY2015 report is for academic year 2014-2015.

      Residence System Report and Rate Proposal - These documents are developed every spring. They are presented the Board of Regents at their February/March meeting. The BOR then votes at their March/April meeting.