The Department of Residence has a foremost goal of assisting students in their academic success and retention through graduation. Many of the Department's programs and services are directed toward that goal.

Retention is measured for each entering class of first-year full-time (FYFT) students, beginning with the Fall 2000 class. Retention is measured for each year for each cohort.

Student Retention Comparison by Student's Place of Residene Their First Year

FYFT student retention rates based on where students live their first year compares retention of those who live on-campus their first year with students who live off-campus their first year. Our research shows that students who live on campus their first year are retained or graduated (within four to six years) at a higher percentage rate than students who do not live on campus their first year. Research reports are provided for each cohort beginning with the FYFT entering class of Fall 2000. Students who graduate are considered retained. This table offers a visual look at significant items for each year retained for each cohort year since Fall 2000.

The retention report is available here: RETENTION REPORT