The following profiles provide a count of the Iowa State student population by residence area (residence halls, University-managed apartment communities, and off-campus). A profile for the Department of Residence student population is provided by gender, academic classification, race/ethnicity, citizenship, Iowa residency, age, and major college (based on students' first major, if more than one). All information provided is based on official University count day data (10th day of classes).

ISU Student Profile

Data provided are cross-tabulations of housing type by classification. These are unofficial counts based on the Registrar's count day file. Counts may differ slightly from official information provided by the Institutional Research office due to differences in the way in which various academic groups are counted (e.g., post-doctoral students, vet med students).

On-Campus Student Profile

Provided are demographic characteristics for the on-campus population that includes residence halls and University-managed apartment communities.