This is a test, it's only a test.

Most students experience some level of anxiety during an exam. However, it can become an issue when anxiety affects performance. Fear of failure, procrastination, and prior poor performance can all increase test anxiety.

NAME YOUR FEELING: Identifying feelings of anxiety can help lessen the power they have over your overall performance. You can create and implement strategies once you have awareness of your feelings.

USE RATIONAL AND POSITIVE THINKING: Write down your negative thoughts and review them rationally. Determine if these thoughts have any basis in reality. Anxiety can stem from irrational thoughts that persist unchecked.

Some students find their test anxiety worsens with poor eating habits, sleep deprivation, or social isolation. Learn what can cause your test anxiety and develop strategies to prevent it from developing. 

USE ACADEMIC RESOURCES: Advisers, CAs and the Academic Success Center can provide valuable guidance. ISU staff are knowledgable and they are eager to help you!