Frederiksen Court Expansion

Welcoming New Neighbors

Frederiksen Court residents will welcome their newest set of neighbors in the fall, marking the completion of an expansion project that has added 720 beds to on-campus housing since November 2012.

 “We chose to expand Frederiksen Court given the tremendous interest from returning on-campus residents year after year to live there,” said Department of Residence Director Pete Englin.

Construction and operating costs were covered using revenue from the residents occupying the new apartments at current rates, so the project could be completed without a rate increase.

Green Parking Lot = Improved Local Water Quality

In addition to serving students' housing needs, the project improves the water quality of Squaw Creek by integrating a storm management system within the former pasture of Haber Road.

Soil was removed from the new water retention area and compacted to form the parking lot site. Rainwater and other runoff from the retention area percolates into the soil, and when increased rains cause water to flow outside the retention area, plants clean the runoff before it enters the Squaw Creek watershed.

The New Buildings

Each new building features ten apartments per floor. The new apartments are similar to current Frederiksen Court apartments with a few notable exceptions.

  • All new living spaces are four person apartments.
  • One noticeable change will be the bathroom layout. All bathrooms will be handicap accessible, meaning the bathrooms will consist of a private area dedicated to both a shower and toilet as well as a sink area for getting ready. Traditional Freddy apartments offer separate areas for the shower, toilet, and sinks.
  • Living rooms will feature ceiling lights in each new apartment.
  • Apartments will no longer offer carpet flooring. The carpet will be replaced with Centiva floors.
  • All new furniture will be made from a lighter weight oak, so it's easier to move.
  • Wardrobes will be on wheels for easier movement.
  • File caddies will no longer be supplied as a separate piece. Instead, the new desks will feature additional drawer space.
  • The under bed drawers have been replaced with more drawer space inside the wardrobe allowing for storage space under the bed.
  • Floor Plans

Expansion Project History

The Frederiksen Court expansion project was approved by the Iowa Board of Regents on Oct. 25, 2012, and construction began in November 2012. The expansion included six new apartment buildings making room for 720 additional students. The expansion took campus occupancy from 10,179 to 10,899 permanent spaces.


Building Occupied by Students Number of Bed Spaces
35 August 2013 120
36 August 2013 120
24 January 2014 120
81 Spring 2014 120
82 January 2014 120
83 August 2014 120


On-Campus Benefits

In addition to academically-friendly contracts, students living on campus receive academic, emotional, and social support from residence life staff that results in higher GPAs, a greater likelihood of graduating from ISU, a deeper involvement in campus life, and more leadership opportunities. Expanding Frederiksen Court gives more ISU students the opportunity to have an on-campus experience and is a financially viable way to add more student housing.

 “Over the past two years, demand for on-campus housing has exceeded permanent housing spaces resulting in students living in interim housing, typically den spaces. We view this demand as the highest compliment as we do not require students to live on campus,” said Englin.