2019-20 Recontracting

You already live here - you get first choice!

Want to keep your current room? Really like that big room down the hall? Maybe you want a suite or an apartment?

You get to choose the exact space you'll live in for next year!

It's a different process than when you were a new student and we assigned your room based on preferences.

This time, you will submit a contract in AccessPlus and then choose any available room. 

You can submit your 2019-20 contract now in AccessPlus. This guarantees you'll get your room back and it also means you're ready to select any other room or apartment you'd like.

We are finalizing timelines and details of the selection process and should have those available for you in November.

No matter where on-campus you live, you have the support of our full-time, live-in staff, your contract is academically friendly, most locations are furnished, and you don’t have to worry about monthly bills.

When else in your life to you get to live with a bunch of your friends—and walk down the hall to meet new ones? We'd love to have you stay with us!

Need a Place to Live Now?

If you're looking for a place to live now (2018-19 academic year), contact us! We have space in residence halls and apartments.

  1. Email housing@iastate.edu or call 515-294-2900.
  2. Our staff will help you get contracted, tell you what options are available, and make your assignment. You can move in the next day!.