House Cabinet - Vice President

General Position Responsibilities

**Please note that these are suggestions, and not requirements
  • Presides over the Cabinet Meetings and House Meetings in the absence of the President.
  • If President vacates his/her position, Vice-President assumes their responsibilities for the remainder of the term.
  • Oversees house committee structure.
  • Meets from time to time with house committee chairs.
  • Announces campus activities at house meetings (educational programs, leadership and involvement opportunities, etc.).

A House Vice-President should know:

  1. The dates and times of Hall Council meetings.
  2. The house constitution and by-laws.
  3. The house committees and their responsibilities.
  4. The house meeting procedures.
  5. The house officer election procedures.

Vice-President FAQs:

How can I best represent my house members?
  • Constantly bring up issues at house meetings, and get the house members' feedback.
  • Set up a box or an envelope where residents can give anonymous feedback about a particular issue.
  • Set up a house e-mail list, and post discussion questions.
  • Keep the house members informed through flyers, newsletters, e-mails, bulletin boards, etc. about the issues you need feedback on
How do I develop and maintain a committee system?
A committee system can help other residents feel more connected to the house, and also lightens the work load of the officers. click here to view a sample committee structure
A STANDING COMMITTEE is one that is in place each year. Standing committees are usually indicated in your constitution, and can include:
  • Social Committee (chaired by the Social Chair)
  • Education/Diversity Committee (Chaired by Educational Programming Chair)
  • Finance Committee (Chaired by Treasurer)
Other committees can be formed if needed throughout the year. All committees should have a specific task to complete, and a deadline for when to accomplish their mission. Such committees might include:
  • Recycling Committee
  • By-Laws Review Committee
  • Special Events Committee (for events like Homecoming and VEISHEA)
Committee chairs are decided either by the constitution (Standing Committees), can be appointed by the President, or are elected from within the committee.
A VP should meet with all committee chairs twice a month to get updates.
Each committee should give a report at house meetings.
One way to promote involvement on the house is to require that each resident serve on at least one committee. Pass around a sign up sheet at the first house meeting.