House Cabinet - Other Positions

Intramural Chair

  • Promotes and executes an intramural program within the house.
  • Represents the house at intramural meetings on campus.
  • Maintains house athletic equipment and trophies.
  • Informs house of intramural opportunities on campus.


  • Maintains a yearly journal/scrapbook of house activities.
  • Serves as the steward for house memorabilia and historical documents.
  • Plans and executes an alumni event for house alumni.
  • Produces alumni newsletter which is distributed to house alumni once per semester.

Recycling chair

  • Promotes and educates the house community about recycling, i.e. what is recycled, how to recycle, etc.
  • Gives reports to the house community on a regular basis
  • Ensures appropriate signage is posted at the collection location and other areas as needed.
  • Monitors the collection location on a daily basis, keeping it in good shape with clean containers, removing contamination and emptying containers before overflow occurs.
  • Abides by the Cleanliness and Safety Expectations.
  • Abides by the collection procedures established, getting materials to the pickup location as scheduled.
  • Removes redeemable cans and bottles on a regular basis, taking these to HyVee or the Ames area Redemption so the monies can be kept by the House.
  • Ensures the collection locations are cleared, clean, and in good shape for summer storage at the end of the spring semester finals week
  • Keeps records of how much material is recycled each week.
  • Creates a team of volunteers from the House that can assist with recycling needs.
  • Assists with any special recycling efforts during Fall Move In and Spring Move Out.
  • Works closely with Community Advisors, Hall Directors, and Custodial staff as  needed to ensure a clean, safe, and successful recycling program.

Birthday Chair

  • Maintains a list of birthdays for house members.
  • Helps organize birthday celebrations for house members.