Double-as-Single (DAS) Rooms

Community, convenience, leadership opportunities - all the advantages of a residence hall but with your own room! That's what a "double as single" means.

What is a Double-as-Single (DAS)? It's a standard double room in the residence halls that you're guaranteed to have to yourself for the entire year. Two sets of furniture do stay in the room.

What comes in a DAS? All of the standard double room furniture stays in the room, with the exception of Wallace Hall. Wallace Hall is a single-room community focused on graduate students and undergraduate students aged 19+ or in their second year or above. Each Wallace room is furnished with one lofted bed, one desk, one desk chair, one dresser, two wardrobes, and a MicroFridge.

What if I just want a regular single room?  There are over 1000 single rooms available in the Richardson Court and Union Drive areas as well as in Buchanan, Wallace, and Wilson halls. There are also single bedrooms available in 4-bedroom apartments in Frederiksen Court, 2 bedroom apartments in University Village, and all apartments in Legacy. 

You can choose a Double-as-Single room, Wallace Hall room or a regular single room for 2019-20 as part of the recontracting process.