2016-17 Recontracting

Due to high demand for on-campus housing, we have implemented an occupancy management plan for fall 2016. This plan allocates space for those who currently live with us as well as incoming students who will come to Iowa State this fall.

Overall, residence hall space for returners was capped at 1300. Using last year’s numbers, 1300 is about 95% of students who wanted a hall could get one. This cap was reached on February 8.

The plan also included an overall cap of 5600 for returners (apartments and halls). On March 1, 2015, we had 5,568 returner contracts. As of February 15, we exceeded the cap of 5600 set in our occupancy management plan--much earlier and higher than last year.

Any returning student who does not currently have a contract for 2016-17 but would like one will need to put themselves on our waitlist. We expect cancels between now and March 1. We will reach back out to our current students on the waitlist in mid-to-late March with an update about their housing status.

Please use the following information to help you with your recontracting process:

  • Do you have a 2016-17 contract for the halls? Visit our Residence Hall Selection page to view important dates.
  • Do you have a fall 2016-17 contract for the apartments? Visit our Apartment Selection page to view important dates.
  • Are you currently a family living with us? Visit our Family Apartment Selection page to view important dates.
  • Are you a returning student who doesn't have a contract with us for fall 2016? Visit our Waitlist page.
  • Do you currently live off campus? Visit our Waitlist page.
CAP EXCEEDED on February 15, 2016
On Feb. 15, 2016, as described above, the cap for returner contracts exceeded the availability of space. If you still want to be considered for on-campus housing, you can submit a Waitlist Application.
March 1, 2016 is the LAST DAY Returners with 2016-17 contracts can select assignments or contract will be cancelled.
If you do not select an assignment by March 1, 2016 your 2016-17 contract will be cancelled. If you still wish to be considered for on-campus housing after March 1, you can submit a Waitlist Application.


Additional resources:

Questions? Contact us at housing@iastate.edu or 515-294-2900.

As a Continuing Student, do I need to sign a contract if I will be gone on internship / study abroad / student teaching / etc. for the Fall semester? This decision is entirely up to you. You have two choices:

  • Sign a contract that begins Fall and then submit a Waiver Form. If you do this, you will be released from the contract for the time that you are away. However, upon your return, you will be required to live on-campus for the Spring semester (or face cancellation penalties). You will retain your current student status and will be assigned or will be able to select your spring assignment prior to new students.
  • Wait to sign a Spring contract. If you do this, obviously you will have no fall charges or obligations. You have until November 1 to cancel without penalties. However, you will not be able to select your own assignment and an assignment will be made for you based upon the date of your contract, which could be after new students have already been assigned.

I have applied to be a CA next year, should I sign a contract? - Ask yourself this question: "If I am not hired as a CA do I still want to live on-campus?"

  • If the answer is yes, you should submit a contract and participate in the Recontracting process. Hope for the best, but plan for the worst. Go ahead and pick a room for next year as if you won't be hired. If you are hired, we will change your assignment to your new CA room.
  • If the answer is no, then you should not submit a contract. If you sign a contract now and you are not hired as a CA, the March 1 deadline still applies and you could face substantial financial penalties if you decide to cancel.