How Do I Cancel My Contract

Before you cancel, please read our Contract Cancellations web site. Your contract is legally binding and cancelling it may result in substantial penalties equaling thousands of dollars. 


  • If you have not yet moved in, your cancellation date will be the date you submitted your cancellation request.
  • If you have moved in, your cancellation date will be the date you complete a proper check-out.

Newly Admitted Students 

Prior to moving in, newly admitted students who wish to cancel both their ISU admission and housing contract must withdraw their admission by completing the Admissions Office’s online Application Change Form.  Completion of this form will automatically result in the cancellation of the housing contract, so it is not necessary to contact the Department of Residence. Admissions staff will notify DOR and your contract will be cancelled. This form must be submitted on or before the stated Cancellation Deadlines to avoid penalties. 

Please Note: Notifying an ISU dean, professor or academic advisor is not sufficient to cancel the housing contract or admission to ISU. To cancel both admission and the housing contract, you must complete the online Application Change Form.

Contract Cancellation via AccessPlus

  1. Log onto AccessPlus and select the Student Tab from the top right corner.
  2. Select Campus Housing from the left hand link bar and select the appropriate term for which you are canceling.
  3. Select Cancel my housing contract under the My Housing Contract header
  4. Fill in the appropriate information including the reason for your cancellation.
    • Depending on your reason for cancelling, you may be required to submit additional documentation
    • If you are participating in a co-op, internship, or study abroad experience you must also submit a Waiver Form. Waivers Forms can be found in the Forms & Documents section of our website.
  5. Submit the cancellation by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.
  6. Click OK in the pop up box
  7. Verify the cancellation went through by reviewing your contract summary screen.

An email will be sent to your ISU email account confirming your cancellation. Please keep this email for your records.

Contract Cancellation Form - If you are unable to use AccessPlus, please contact our office to receive this form.