Meet the Staff

Yasja Hemmings

Yasja Hemmings

Pronouns: They/Them/Their

Area: Barton-Lyon-Freeman Graduate Hall Director
Office: 1205 Roberts Hall
Phone: 515-294-7638

My Hometown: Orlando, FL

My major: Psychology

Why did I choose ISU: I really admired the social justice aspect of the student affairs program, and I wanted to experience living in a different region/state.

What I like best about working at at ISU: The connections I am able to make with my student staff.

How working at ISU has prepared me for my future: Being a Graduate Hall Director (HD) is one of the most demanding, chaotic, fun, and rewarding jobs out there. As a HD I am tasked with overseeing residence halls, connecting with students, supervising a staff, hearing conduct cases, being on a rotating duty schedule, resolving conflicts, planning programs/events, and so forth. Due to the varied responsibilities of HDs, I now have a diverse and transferable skill set – making me a more marketable, viable option when I job searching.

  • Psychology, B.A. University of South Florida (Graduated: 5/2017)
  • Higher Education – Student Affairs, M.Ed. Iowa State University (Expected Graduation: 5/2019)
Work Experience
  • Friley Hall Desk Supervisor 7/2017-5/2018
  • NODA Summer Intern @ University of Southern Indiana 5/2018-7/2018
  • Barton-Lyon-Freeman Graduate Hall Director 7/2018-5/2019
Volunteer Experience
  • I-Days Co-coordinator, Practicum Student for the Office of Equal Opportunity