Meet the Staff

David Shevat
The opportunities available [at ISU] to the students are beyond other universities...

David Shevat

Pronouns: He / Him / His

Area: Friley Graduate Assistant

My Hometown: Glendale, Arizona

Why did I choose ISU: I came to ISU to further develop my research experience. The opportunities available to the students are beyond other universities and are aimed to better the college experience.

What I like best about working at at ISU: The ability to grow professionally while being able to study my passion will be my greatest joy working at ISU.

  • Bachelor of Science: Aerospace Engineering, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Work Experience
  • Sales Representative, Sweet Savage, Summer 2017
  • Vice President, Pi Kappa Phi Jan, December 2016
  • Student Dispatcher, Love Field Airport, June 2015 - Sept 2016
Presentations & Publications
  • Deadshot: Fully autonomous targeting platform cable of hitting a target 100 meters away with 3 feet of accuracy.